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A consortium project (15 June-15 December 2020)

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‘Collective Action for Inclusive COVID-19 Response Initiatives in Nepal’ is a COVID-response project initiated by CBM Nepal Country Office in consortium with NFDN (advocacy), CMC (MHPSS) and SAPPROS (inclusive basic needs assistance) with a purpose of mainstreaming vulnerable groups into above mentioned interventions that address COVID-19. The project is being implemented at Sindhupalchowk (Helambu, Indrawati), Kavrepalanchowk (Bhumlu and Mandeupur Rural Municpaliy) of Bagmati Province.


CMC-Nepal, one of the consortium partners, is a national Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) working for the promotion of psychosocial wellbeing and providing affordable and accessible mental health and psychosocial counselling services to the needy people.

Through this project, it targets to provide mental health and psychosocial support to the most marginalized communities/households including persons with disabilities, older people, ethnic minorities and other socially excluded groups with. It also creates awareness in mental health and psychosocial issues, contribute to reduce stigma associated with COVID-19 affected people and families and advocate for integration of disability inclusive mental health and psychosocial support program into the policy, program and budget.


SAPPROS Nepal, one of the consortium partners, is a national level non-governmental organization (NGO) envisioning a poverty-free Nepal where people engage themselves in innovative initiatives without having to worry about the basic livelihood matters. Through this project, it aims to reduce the negative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the lives of women, men, girls and boys with disabilities, their families and other at-risk communities in Nepal through inclusive basic needs assistance and not leaving behind.


NFDN, one of the Consortium partners, is an umbrella organization that works in promoting and protecting the rights of persons with disabilities and Disability Inclusive Development in Nepal through its strategic actions–Advocacy, Awareness, Capacity Building and Networking & Collaboration through joint effort of its member organizations from local to federal level. 

Through this project, NFDN seeks to (i)advocate for policies and system that enhance rights of persons with disabilities that address COVID-19 and related issues; (ii) initiate documentation of case studies/good practices and adapt/disseminate awareness messages through online tools (website/online news portals/Social media); (iii) promote sensitization of OPD and community members on COVID-19 prevention measures.

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