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Kathmandu Metropolitan City

Kathmandu is the capital and eldest metropolitan city of Nepal. The city is the urban core of the Kathmandu Valley in the Himalayas, which also contains two sister cities namely Patan or Lalitpur, 5 kilometres (3.1 mi) to its southeast and Bhaktapur, 14 kilometres (8.7 mi) to its east. It is also acronymed as ‘KTM’.

Resources by Kathmandu Metropolitan City

Checklist for Accessibility Audit

The checklist has been prepared through the several formal/informal consultation meetings with various stakeholders such as KMC, DPOs alliance, resource pool (a group of technical persons), CBM, NCO and others. The checklist can widely be used by different stakeholders and individuals in their own.

Report on Accessibility Audit on Kathmandu Nepal

Report on Accessibility Audit on Kathmandu Nepal is an overview on the status of implementation of “Accessible Physical Infrastructure and communication Services Directive for persons with disabilities 2013” and other national and international commitments Nepal has made at the ground level

Report on Accessibility Audit in Kathmandu

This report served as a guide for conducting an accessibility audit of 150 public facilities and comprising public buildings, streets, parks, corporate and commercial sectors, and other areas inside Kathmandu Valley, and determined what corrective measures are required to make these sectors accessible.
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