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Welcome to Empowering Inclusion, Transforming Lives

Why Choose the Disability Portal?

At, we are dedicated to improving the lives of people with disabilities. We believe that inclusive policies, targeted services, and effective programs of support are crucial for their well-being. However, to achieve this, key stakeholders such as government bodies, civil society organizations, media, and researchers need access to reliable, up-to-date, and comprehensive data on disability. Sadly, such data is scarce in Nepal. What little information exists is scattered, difficult to find, and rarely shared as open data, hindering progress in enhancing the lives of individuals with disabilities. Without addressing this issue, an estimated 550,000 people in Nepal living with disabilities, as per the Nepal Census 2011, will continue to be excluded. That's why we established the Disability Portal – to tackle this challenge head-on. Our aim is not only to bridge the data gaps but also to inspire further disability research and foster greater data sharing across all sectors by showcasing the practicalities and value of open data.

Discover the Disability Portal

The Disability Portal serves as a centralized repository of data and information on disability in Nepal. We bring together data, studies, and other valuable resources related to disability and make them openly available to all. Our repository features contributions from government agencies, academic institutions, and civil society organizations. Moreover, we invite individuals and organizations to publish valid datasets and publications pertaining to disability, enriching our ever-expanding resource bank. By minimizing data gaps and promoting evidence-based approaches to disability inclusion, we aim to drive positive change in the lives of people with disabilities.

Who Can Benefit from the Disability Portal?

The Disability Portal provides a shared evidence base that empowers:

  • Civil society: Enhance program design, monitoring, advocacy, and outreach efforts related to disability.
  • Government: Develop disability-inclusive policies and services.
  • Researchers: Build upon existing studies, track progress, and direct disability research towards critical gaps and needs.

Accessibility is a core principle of our portal. We have designed it to be user-friendly for people with disabilities, ensuring everyone can easily access and navigate the data, publications, and resources available. We welcome contributions from any party willing to share their data or information. If you have valuable insights to contribute, please reach out to our portal administrator.

The Journey of the Disability Portal

The National Federation of Disabled Nepal, in collaboration with a committee of civil society organizations, universities, government agencies, and researchers (including the Nepal Health Research Council, Disability Research Center, Ministry of Women, Children, and Senior Citizens, Asia Foundation, and Development Initiatives, among others), developed the Disability Portal. Its initial funding came through the Data for Development in Nepal Program, a collaboration between The Asia Foundation and Development Initiatives, supported by UK Aid in 2015. In 2022, the portal underwent a revision, thanks to the support from Handicap International and the Reading 4 All program.

Join us at, and together, let's empower inclusion, transform lives, and create a more inclusive Nepal for all.

Nepal Disability Portal is a centralised repository of data and information about disability in Nepal. It brings together data, studies and other resources on disability in Nepal and makes them openly available to all.
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