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Established in 2008, KOSHISH, a National Mental Health Organization is working in the promotion of mental health and psychosocial well-being in Nepal.

KOSHISH promotes self-advocacy in the spirit of “NOTHING ABOUT US WITHOUT US.”

Resources by KOSHISH

Transforming Lives: Reunited After 15 Years

In this article, Juna Rana Magar's tale is told. She received counseling services from KOSHISH, which enabled her to transform her lives and get back in touch with her family.

MHPS Consideration During COVID-19

This manual describes how to look after your mental well-being. It also contains some helpful advice for patients, physicians, and kids.

Helping Children Cope with Stress in COVID-19

This article covers techniques that parents might employ to help a child deal with stress and describes how youngsters deal with stress. Some of the protective variables and strategies adults can use to help children build resilience are covered in this document.

Social Stigma Associated with COVID-19

This article demonstrates how COVID 19 users can address societal stigma. Some advice on how to deal with and prevent social stigma is also included in this article.

Coping with Stress on COVID 19 Pandemic

People can use the practical techniques in this document to assist them deal with stress on COVID-19. In order to lessen the stress brought on by the COVID-19 epidemic, it also helps to emphasize numerous evidence-based self-care and coping techniques.
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