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Mero Sikai : Mobile App

“Mero Sikai” is a Nepali Sign Language and other accessibility Mobile Application, developed within the Reading for All Program with the objective of supporting to improve the reading skill of the students with and without disabilities. This app comprises the reading skill improvement contents such as; reading/learning materials; letters, words, sentences, stories, and interactions, and the related exercises along with pictures and Nepali sign language videos.

Mero Sanket: Mobile Application

“Mero Sanket” is the first mobile app designed to accommodate the needs of deaf children learning Nepali Sign Language (NSL). Through the app, deaf children can learn NSL, enhancing their linguistic skills development, inside and outside the classroom.

Individualized Education Plan (IEP) - वैयक्तिक शैक्षिक योजना परिचय

"Individualized Education Plan" is a comprehensive guide to understanding, creating, and implementing Individualized Education Plans (IEPs)

Parents Counselling Guideline

Parents of children with disabilities may feel overwhelmed and alone in their journey. It can be difficult to understand how to best support their child's individual needs, as well as their own. Counselling services are a vital resource for families navigating this terrain. Counselling can offer a necessary listening ear, a safe space to express […]

Referral Services Guideline

The referral services guideline document highlights the importance of developing a clear guideline for referral service for people with disabilities and how to create a successful referral process.

Capacity Development Training for Resouce Class Teachers of Students with Intellectual Disabilities (10 Days)

This training emphasizes strategies for helping students with intellectual disabilities develop their strengths and maximize their academic, social, and behavioral outcomes. With this training, teachers gain insights into the learning and support needs of students with intellectual disabilities.
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