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OCA and KAP Survey Report at Province 1, Gandaki and Karnali

National Federation of the Disabled Nepal, in partnership with CBM, is implementing a multi-year (2019-2024) advocacy project, “Include Us”, for inclusion of persons with disabilities. The major components of the project are; i/strengthening capacity of OPDs and government stakeholders; ii/generating evidence on disability inequality in light of SDG 2030/UNCRPD, maintaining spirit of LEAVE NO ONE BEHIND. It is built on existing joint advocacy work of NFDN and its 330-member organizations.

Capacity development of OPDs is one of the core components of the project and in line with that, NFDN developed OCA and KAP survey forms and assessed individual and institutional capacity of OPDs. Without knowing or understanding the perspectives and priorities of OPDs in disability movement, we cannot ensure the capacity development effort is effective or appreciated. By taking the voices of OPDs into account based on contemporary need, the training can ensure it is being designed that fill the gaps identified by those in need of support.

The Organizational capacity assessment approach was used within Include us Project to quickly assess the OPDs capacity for organizational performance by focusing on System, Processes, Human resources, Financial resources, Inclusion and Management. The tool was developed to identify the strengths as well as barriers encountered by OPDs in enhancing their organizational performance. The project envisions designing a series of capacity building training based on the capacity need.

A questionnaire consisting of more than 100 questions and a KOBO toolbox was used to collect the OCA response in three provinces (Province 1, Gandaki and Karnali). Likewise, Microsoft Excel analysis workbook was developed and used. Executive members of OPDs were asked to provide organizational level information, first individually, then as a group.

This report also highlights findings of 219 representatives’ KAP survey conducted in December 2020 in Province 1, Gandaki and Karnali province. The intention of the finding is to shed some light on where the OPDs are lagging behind and provide some insight into what might be needed to foster existing capacity need.

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